Mark WhiteSix years ago I brought my first SLR — the humble 450D — on the pondered thought that I would enjoy taking photos. Little did I know at that time how much joy I would find behind those layers of glass.

Before the camera I had dabbled in design and art, and grew up with a love of science and technology. Photography was to be my new learning pursuit which combined them all. It wasn’t long before I was taking photos on a weekly basis, trying to emulate some of the amazing photos that I had seen others create. I wondered how they achieved such a look, and whether I could develop the skills require to be that amazing too. I took photos of everything and anything, soon realising the vast depth of what photography entails. The simple act of pointing and pressing the shutter button, or knowing all the technical aspects of a camera is only a small part. Like all art, it is not the medium nor tools that make it.

What you see on this website is the accumulation of all those years of learning and experimenting — of trying to create beautiful, intriguing photos that tell stories, describe concepts, or convey some kind of emotion. I’ve come a long way, but the more I shoot, the more I realise just how much more there is to know.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, I use Lightroom to grade all the photos, and to make a few touch ups, but I try to do everything in camera if possible.